The most precious treasure of the St. Cyril’s Church is its unique mural painting.

In the 12th century walls of the St. Cyril’s Church were painted in fresco technique according to the Christian iconographic canons of that time. In the 17th century the fresco painting of the Church was partially renewed by means of tempera. In the 18th century, during repair of the Church its walls instead of painting were just plastered and whitewashed.

In the 80s of the 19th century restoration works were carried out in the Church under the guidance of the professor of St. Petersburg University, prominent art critic A. Prakhov. At that time from under centuries-old layers of plaster and whitewash a unique Old Russian mural painting was discovered. However, soon after, in order to provide the mural painting for “grandeur” the frescoes were refreshed with oil paints. In the 70s of the 20th century a large-scale restoration works on frescoes’ discovery from under layer of oil paint of the 19th century were carried out. This complicated and spade work  under the guidance of P. Redko was carried out by a team of fine art restorers — O. Lisanevych, A. Ostapchuk, O. Kovalenko, and others. Thanks to their efforts more than 800 sq.m. of frescoes have been discovered. In places, where fresco has not been preserved oil paintings of the 19th century were left.

mural painting

The portrait of hegumen Innocent of Monastery. Tempera. 17th century. The middle pylon of the southern wall