We invite you to the exhibition of painting and sculpture “Woman out of time”

We invite you to the exhibition of painting and sculpture “Woman out of time”

An exhibition of paintings by Olena Kucheruk and sculptures by Vlad Volosenko opens at the Bakery exhibition halls of National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv” on March 5, 2020.

The theme that brought the two authors together is the representation of woman, femininity as a certain timeless aesthetic ideal.

Variations of the motif of the nude figure / semi-figure are the forms of embodiment of this ideal for the sculptor Vlad Volosenko. Reminiscences of Neolithic, Archaic or Classical plastic, Hans Arp, Oleksandr Arkhipenko or Constantin Brâncuși can be noticed in his works. All these multiple visions of a woman are fused into a single metaphor for eternal femininity.

Olena Kucheruk, as a painter, operates techniques of expressionism and pictorial abstraction. The artist supposes, these two concepts with their plasticity and texture can express the variability, unpredictability of a woman.

Both authors received academic training at the Kyiv Art Institute (now the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture) and began an independent artistic career in the early 1990s, when any subject-matter restrictions of Soviet time were dropped out from Ukrainian art.

Vlad Volosenko has lived and worked in North America for almost 20 years, and his sculptures have been installed in many hotels and residential complexes in Canada, UAE, USA. Volosenko is a participant of Ukrainian and international sculpture symposia, his works are kept in private collections of Ukraine, Canada, USA.

Olena Kucheruk’s paintings have been exhibited in the galleries of Los Angeles, Shanghai, Versailles, at many exhibitions throughout Ukraine. Her paintings are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Canada, France, USA, China.

The exhibition runs until April 12, 2020.