Pharmaceutical companies donated equipment for the “treatment” of Sophia of Kyiv!

Pharmaceutical companies donated equipment for the “treatment” of Sophia of Kyiv!

Today, September 16, in the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv” there was a presentation of the innovative system BioDry installed in St. Sophia Cathedral and related monastery buildings for the natural restoration of the proper level of moisture of the foundation and walls. The equipment for the Conservation Area was purchased by Ukrainian patrons – pharmaceutical companies “Darnytsia” and “Interchem” with the support of Zagoriy Foundation charity fund.

The equipment installed in the buildings will help to eliminate the problem of excessive moisture formation and restore the microclimate.

Translated, “biodry” is “natural drainage”. The system was developed by the Swiss company Wall & Wall Sagl, which has existed on the world market since 2009 and has 27 offices in different countries. More than 4,500 BioDry devices have already been installed in buildings around the world: in the Enzo Ferrari Museum (Italy), the Malbork Castle Museum (Poland), the Royal Villa in Monza (Italy)… And now in the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”!

The team of the Conservation Area expresses its gratitude to the patrons for such necessary “medicines” for Sophia of Kyiv, which will help to preserve this unique monument for future generations! Thank you for caring not only about people’s health, but also about cultural monuments in such a difficult time!

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who fully supports and helps the Conservation Area in various fields: restoration, science, technology, aesthetics… After all, charitable projects are carried out not only by Ukrainian patrons, but also abroad. Local authorities also help. For example, thanks to the Cyprus Charitable Foundation A. G. Leventis Foundation, a grand restoration of the mosaics of St. Sophia Cathedral took place, and with the assistance of Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klytschko, the St. Sophia Bell Tower was decorated with lights, which fascinates Kyivans and guests in the evening.

We won’t mention everyone now, but friends, we always remember your good deeds! And remember that thanks to you, Sophia’s heart beats!