National idea in promotion St. Sophia of Kyiv

National idea in promotion St. Sophia of Kyiv

Scientific, educational, methodological and publishing work of the Reserve has significantly revived and has been raised to a new level since 2000.

The strategic mission of this work is to show St. Sophia of Kyiv according to the results of the newest researches abandoning Soviet stereotypes.

Today “The Library of St. Sophia of Kyiv” (as the publications are titled) counts a score of new monograghs, factual books, collections of scientific articles, catalogues, quide-books and booklets.

Annual library development proceeds in parallel with the monument investigation, new data obtain and its prompt introduction into all spheres of Reserve activity.

It is possible to purchase publications of the “The Library of St. Sophia of Kyiv” in trading network and to attend numerous scientific conferences, excursions and lectures in the Reserve.

Excursions in St. Sophia cathedral are enriched with interesting cognitive materials about history, architecture, monumental painting, graffiti inscriptions,   applied and decorative arts of different epochs (from IX to XIX).

According to the methodical elaborations and the text of the excursions, the visitors can get acquainted with ancient graffiti, the Holy Gate of the iconostasis (renovated in 2008), the chapel of Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa, which was revived in 2008-2009, previously closed for visitors, its purely Kyivan murals and monumental painting.

The opened monumental painting of XIX century (in 2009 – compositions of Ukrainian artist Ivan Seleznyov “Presentation of Jesus” and “Baptism of Jesus”, in 2018 – compositions “Supper at Emmaus” and “On the road to Emmaus”) arouse great interest and delight.

Restaurateurs have already started new works in the cathedral. The compositions of XIX century that illustrate Ecumenical Councils will be opened and renovated this year. They will be also accurately investigated and   included into excursion route.