Congratulations on Medical Workers’ Day!

Congratulations on Medical Workers’ Day!

Today, June 21, the professional holiday is celebrated by people who protect the greatest gift of the Lord – human life!

Dear medical workers! Please accept our sincerest congratulations and a low bow from the staff of the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia” of Kyiv “! It is impossible to find words to express boundless gratitude for your daily hard work. This holiday is celebrated with you by thousands of people to whom you have given the joy of victory over illnesses, who believe in your talent, skills, professionalism, in your constant readiness to come to the rescue. May the Lord send you good health and strength. May a hundredfold return to you the good given to people.


Also, taking this opportunity, our team expresses its sincere gratitude to the museums that joined our campaign #museummengratefulmedics:

  • National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve;
  • National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine.

Thank you, colleagues, for not staying away and supporting the action, to express our boundless gratitude to our rescuers – doctors – together from our museum community. Please, don’t forget to tell about the action on social networks and put the hashtag #museumsgratefulmedics.

Dear medical workers! Once the museums are fully open to the public, you will be able to visit the above museums free of charge for a month (upon presentation of a certificate). Congratulations again! Thank you for everything, guardian angels in white coats!