Conference of the Association of European Cathedrals in Basel

Conference of the Association of European Cathedrals in Basel

On October 7–11, 2019, a conference of the Association of European Cathedrals was held in Basel (The Swiss Confederation), attended by the delegation of the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, headed by Director General Nelia Kukovalska at the invitation of the leadership of the Association.

Since its foundation in 1975, the Association has brought together architects, restorers, historians, art historians, archaeologists, monument guardians from England, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, France, Italy, the Czech Republic – in general, representatives of 17 states, mainly Western Europe. They care for ancient European cathedrals. The Association is an international platform for the exchange of professional experience, the search for mature and optimal solutions in the field of reconstruction, restoration, conservation and preservation of cult buildings, the popularization of European culture.

Association conferences are held annually in different cities in Europe and are thematically dedicated to one of the ancient European cathedrals. This year’s conference was held at the Basel Cathedral and was dedicated to the millennium since its foundation. The Ukrainian delegation got acquainted with the historical context of its construction, architectural, artistic and other features of the cathedral, archaeological research, history of repair and restoration works, etc., as well as in the discussion of lectures and reports presented at the conference by scientists, architects, restorers from different countries.

During the visit, “St. Sophia of Kyiv” delegation negotiated with the leadership and individual members of the Association, discussed the details and prospects of launching international cooperation with the Association and individual cathedrals, museums and other cultural institutions of Western and Central Europe.

Association Chairman Dr. Wolfgang Zehetner welcomed in his speech the participation of the Ukrainian delegation in the forum and emphasized that Ukraine is an important part of Europe and that its cultural values ​​and achievements are the property of all European civilization.

National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv” is planning to start a membership in the Association for mutual support within the gained experience and competences of all participants, in order to exchange experiences freely with the best professionals of Europe and jointly protect the European cultural heritage.


International cooperation department head

Olena Yasinetska, Candidate of Sciences in History