Exhibition of painting, graphics and ceramics from the funds of National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”

On the 85th anniversary of the establishment of National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv”, an exhibition of paintings, graphics and ceramics from the funds of the Reserve was opened in the Bakery halls.

The creation of funds collection has been started immediately after the Reserve foundation. However, it’s difficult to say what was this collection like in the first years of its formation because the funds accounting book disappeared during World War II. We can surely assume that, until 1941, the collection consisted of archaeological artifacts found during excavations on the territory of Sophia of Kyiv, frescoes and mosaics dismantled from St. Michael’s Cathedral and measuring drawings. These items were returned to the Reserve in 1947-50 by the Soviet Commission for the distribution of museum valuablenesses exported to Germany.

After World War II, the “Sophia of Kyiv” funds collection was being enriched with archaeological founds, architectural and restoration materials. At the same time, it was being replenished with monumental painting, architectural ceramics, architectural landscape of Ukrainian artists of the second half of the XX century. A separate fund group was formed by the drawings and perspectives of Ukrainian architects of the 1920-1960s, materials of architectural competitions for the design of the Government Center, Khreshchatyk, Triomphal Arch and others.

So, for 85 years, the Reserve scientists managed to form several unique comprehensive thematic collections that no other museum in Ukraine has.

The exhibition familiarizes the viewers with the “selected” things from these collections, and at the same time it is a tribute to the memory of all those people who made efforts to form them.

The exhibition lasts till November 30, 2019.