Today, November 10, is the Day of Remembrance of St. Dymytrii Rostovskyi (Daniil Savych Tuptalo). Ukrainian church figure, scientist, writer and preacher, theologian, hagiographer, famous author of the Lives of Saints.

The life of the saint is closely connected with St. Cyril’s Holy Trinity Monastery. In 1668, Daniil Tuptalo accepted monasticism in St. Cyril’s Monastery in Kyiv from his favorite teacher, the Cyril’s Abbot Meletii Dzyk named Dymytrii. From January to June 1697 he was the abbot of St. Cyril’s Monastery, in June 1693 he read a sermon here on the Day of the Holy Trinity.

In the northern part of the narthex of St. Cyril’s Church his parents are buried – mother Maria and father Savva Tuptalo – a centurion of the army of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, the ktitor of St. Cyril’s Monastery. Along with his parents, the three sisters of the saint and his nephew are also buried. Above the burials was a pantheon in memory of this family which is gradually being revived today (a portrait of Savva Tuptalo, a portrait of saint Rostovskyi, an ancestral icon of the Tuptalo, etc.).

On the first floor of St. Cyril’s Church, in the 19th century there was a chapel of saint Rostovskyi.