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St. Cyril’s Church

St. Cyril’s Church


St. Cyril’s Church

The unique of Cyril’s Church consists in the fact that it is an authentic monument first of all. After St. Sophia Cathedral it is the second church in Kyiv, which has survived from the ancient times of Kyivan Rus’. The monument was created in the 12th century. It has experienced the invasion of Batu Khan, a robberies that caused it aggressors of the hetman Janusz Radziwill, repeated fires, the transition from the status of the monastery church to the status of the hospital church at Wheel House, the time of the destruction of religious buildings in the Soviet era (the bell tower of St. Cyril’s monastery was destroyed in that time), a devastating mudflow that swept past the monument in the 60s years of the 20th century taking hundreds human lives etc. Fortunately, despite this turn of events, St. Cyril’s Church survives in almost original form to this day. The church persevered in spite of these troubles. It kept the memory of these events. It has kept its architecture, monumental painting, among which are 800 square meters frescoes of the 12th century with unique stories, the works of famous artist Mikhail Oleksandrovych Vrubel and the works of the known and unknown Ukrainian artists of the 19th century.

St. Cyril church is preserved thanks to the robust architecture, the far from the center of Kyiv location and, of course, the fact that St. Cyril’s Church, given its exceptional historical and artistic value, was announced a State museum in 1929. Exactly May 1929 was significant and decisive in the modern history of the church. The fact of the transformation of Cyril’s Church into a museum, the State Historical and Cultural Conservation area was its salvation at the time when the sacred monuments of culture had been massively destroyed. St. Cyril’s Church became a part of the State Architectural and Historical Conservation Area “The Museum of St. Sophia Cathedral” in 1962. It has been a national importance monument since 1994.

Today the museum of St. Cyril’s Church is a department of the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia in Kyiv”. Divine services have been resumed in the church since the 90s of the 20th century. They are held every Saturday and Sunday and on major Orthodox feasts.