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St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew’s Church


St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew’s Church in Kyiv is a world importance monument of history, architecture and painting of the 18th century.

It had been built in the Baroque style according to the project by the famous architect F. B. Rastrelli during the 1747–1762 years. Perfection lines, clear proportions, amazing harmony of both shapes and the landscape have gained to it the general recognition and fame. St. Andrew’s Church is one of four Ukraine monuments included in the 100 Wonders of the World directory published in Germany in 2002. It has become a hallmark of the city and a role model in building of religious buildings for a long time.

Among the sacral monuments of built by the architect F. B. Rastrelli, which partially preserved interiors and original decoration them didn’t survive at all or came in small fragments, St. Andrew’s Church hasn’t only kept the authentic architectural forms, the highest percentage of exterior decoration, but preserved the fullness its interior, that is unsurpassed model of Orthodox church baroque interior to the present day.

Given the extraordinary value of the monument our country has provided propositions for changes St. Andrew’s Church in the UNESCO World Heritage List.