The Tours

The Tours

You can learn more about the sights of the National Conservation Area “St. Sophia of Kyiv” during sightseeing and thematic tours conducted by guides and researchers of its museums. Excursions are designed for visitors of different ages. Additional information and booking tours by phone:

St. Sophia Cathedral Museum: +38 (044) 279 22 56;

The Metropolitan’s Residence Museum: +38 (044) 270 55 73);

The Golden Gate Museum: +38 (044) 278 69 19;

St. Cyril’s Church Museum: + 38 (044) 417 22 68;

St. Andrew’s Church Museum: +38 (044) 278 12 21;


St. Sophia Cathedral Museum

Sightseeing tour of St. Sophia Cathedral / 45 min./

This sightseeing tour is the first acquaintance with St. Sophia Cathedral – the main metropolitan church of Kyivan Rus-Ukraine, where the ceremonies of “enthronement” of princes on the Kyivan throne, receptions of foreign ambassadors, political agreements, chronicles and the first known library in Rus. You will see the ancient architecture and the unique complex of mosaic (260 m2) and fresco (3000 m2) paintings of the 11th century, learn about the dedication of the cathedral. A majestic image of Our Lady Maria Oranta, a gilded wooden iconostasis of the 18th century, a carved marble sarcophagus in which the Grand Duke of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise was buried in 1054 will attract your attention.

Sightseeing tour of St. Sophia Cathedral Museum / 90 min. /

Do you want to learn more about the outstanding monument of ancient Rus art of the first half of the 11th century, get acquainted with the interior architecture of the cathedral and monumental paintings, get to the choirs with the help of spiral staircase of the north tower, where the prince and his entourage were during worship? Then this tour is for You. You will also find an interesting story about the frescoes of the altars of St. Sophia Cathedral, in particular the south one, dedicated to the deeds of Archangel Michael, you will see scenes of the Christ cycle illustrating the earthly history of Jesus Christ that is read as a “book” – from left to right and from top to bottom.

Pedestrian part of the Weekend Tour (The Golden Gate St. Sophia of Kyiv Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhyi) / 3 a.h. / (by appointment)

The trip along the route of the Weekend Tour takes place on Zolotovoritska Street, Georgiivskyi Lane, Sophiiska Square and Volodymyrska Street – one of the main planning axes of the central district of Kyiv. Here is a large complex of monuments of archeology, history, architecture and urban planning, art, reflecting almost the entire historical period of cultural life of the city.


St. Andrew’s Church Museum

Sightseeing tour of St. Andrew’s Church / 45 min./ (by appointment)

On September 9, 1744, the Rus Empress Yelyzaveta Petrivna personally laid the first three bricks in the foundations of St. Andrew’s Church – a symbol of the future construction of the church. Interesting facts from the history of the church, biographical information about its architect F.-B. Rastrelli, a story about the architecture and decoration of the temple, in which special attention is drawn to the magnificent Baroque iconostasis, are waiting for you during this tour.


St. Cyril’s Church Museum

Sightseeing tour of St. Cyril’s Church (with ascent to the 1st floor) / 45 min./ (by appointment)

Due to its location, St. Cyril’s Church of the 12th century is outside the traditional tourist routes. However, visiting it, you will not remain indifferent. The grandeur of architecture, unsurpassed talent and skill of ancient architects will be revealed to you during the tour. Climbing 22 steps with a guide to the first floor of the temple, you will plunge into the world of art created by artists of the 19th century.