Free entrance

Free entrance

Taking into account the order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine dated 30.01.2013 No. 43 “On the implementation of the right of socially vulnerable groups of people to visit on preferential terms enterprises, institutions and organizations belonging to the Ministry of Culture” the list of categories of visitors and the procedure for providing services on preferential terms is established:

1.The last Wednesday of the month is a day of free visits to the territory of the Sophia Museum and the Museums of the Conservation Area for the following categories of visitors (upon presentation of documents certifying belonging to the specified category of citizens):

  • students of higher and secondary educational institutions of Ukraine in the specialties of history, culturology, museum studies, fine arts, architecture and design;
  • conscripts;
  • pensioners of Ukraine;
  • participants in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident (I category).

2. The right to free admission to the territory of the Sophia Museum and to the museums of the Conservation Area have:

  • preschool children;
  • children from orphanages and boarding schools;
  • invalids of I and II groups, invalids of childhood;
  • participants and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, participants in combat operations;
  • employees of museums of Ukraine, members of ICOMOS and ICOM;
  • guides-translators of travel companies with which contracts for excursion services have been concluded and which provide translation of the excursion;
  • an accompanying person for an organized group (more than 10 people) of schoolchildren or students;
  • participants of anti-terrorist operation.