The Metropolitan’s Residence Exposition

The Metropolitan’s Residence Exposition

Today, the Metropolitan’s Residence Museum has formed the first and so far the only exhibition in Ukraine, which recreates the interior of the metropolitan private rooms of the 18th – 19th centuries.

Stoves made on the models of those that heated the Metropolitan’s Residence in the 18th century are reproduced in the original premises. They are created by masters of the “Honchari” firm and are painted by hand with plots on evangelical and household themes.

The premises, which belong to a later time, are equipped with authentic stoves, which are faced by the tiles made at the Kyiv ceramic factory of I. Andrzheiovskyi. The tiles of this enterprise were of special quality and sophistication.

Furniture, carpets and other utensils, presented in the exhibition, are made mainly in France in the 19th century. The real decoration of the interiors are such original exhibits as a floor clock (18th century), a cylinder bureau (mid-19th century), a fireplace made of red marble of a rare type – griotte (second half of the 19th century). The exposition also

shows old prints in Old Slavonic and foreign languages ​​of the 16th – 18th centuries. The premises are organically complemented by portraits of former residents of the House –Kyiv metropolitans of the 18th – early 20th centuries – from the collection of portraits of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate.

Excursion support of the exposition has been developed, which reveals the historical-cultural, architectural and artistic significance of the monument.

Thus, visitors to the Metropolitan’s Residence Museum already have the opportunity to get acquainted with information about the life, activities and life of Kyiv metropolitans of the 18th – early 20th centuries, most of whom were prominent personalities, and made a significant contribution to the development of St. Sophia Monastery and the whole religious life of Ukraine.

Currently, the selection of materials and the search for new exhibits that will complement the exposition of the Metropolitan’s House and allow visitors to get acquainted with the spiritual and religious life of Ukraine in the 18th – early 20th centuries is going on.